Select a single value from each of 3 unrelated tables

Hello all

I have various visualisations on a dashboard based on 3 underlying tables. These tables are completely unrelated and hence no join exists amongst them. Each table has a column col_Insert_Date, to indicate the insertion date of each record.

I want to notify the user of the latest insertion date on each of the 3 tables.
A Text card cannot do it, hence I'm forced to use a conventional SQL query

SELECT "Matter : ", (SELECT col_Insert_Date FROM job4_data_matter WHERE col_PK = 1), "Arrangement : ", (SELECT col_Insert_Date FROM job4_data_arrangement WHERE col_PK = 1), "Payment : ", (SELECT col_Insert_Date FROM job4_data_payment WHERE col_PK = 1);

which gives

Matter :
2023-4-7, 22:33
Arrangement :
2023-4-7, 19:17
Payment :
2023-4-7, 22:14

However, this does not present well, as I'd love to have the results on 3 different rows. How can I achieve this?

Thanks so much.

Try using union all:
Query 1
Union all
Query 2
Union all
Query 3