Select data in filter

I would like to select the filter data i have entered. In this case the list of ids:

I cant figure out how to do that with the current ui.

Hi @sbeckeriv_structions, I really don't understand your question: you want to select only that one? why have you entered all those values then?

Hello @Luiggi,

Sorry I want to copy all of those values and paste them in an email for example.


@sbeckeriv_structions That's currently not possible because of the component we're using to list the values. Allowing normal text-selection actions would interfere with how other actions work.

Hi everyone, I'm also really want to copy text content from filter elements. Right now, I'm have to use Chrome DevTools to extract text content from filterered elements list.

Sometimes collegues send me a question and I need to copy filter data to another applications or questions/dashboards in Metabase itself and it is really hard to do right now.

Maybe some small copy-paste button near every element could solve the problem without making text selectable?

what I suggest you to do is hit the API that Metabase hits when it goes to search for the filter values, that might be easier than going to each component HTML and getting the values. Metabase API's can be seen from the network tab of the dev tools