Select multiple rows from table (checkbox/compare functionality)

We are building a system to cross analyse campaigns but wanted to have some functionality to multi select campaigns (rows) from a table visualisation. We can do custom links but this means we can only select a singular campaign.

We use a filter for campaigns where you can have multiple campaign id's but there doesn't appear to be a way to generate these multiple ids from a table. This is probably outside of the scope and intention of the system but thought we would ask anyway.


Hi @ed.s
I don't think I understand. Why wouldn't filters with dropdown work in this case?

Thank you for responding.

We are using filters to get a filtered list of campaigns and then want to select the appropriate campaigns from there. We were intending on building this tool ourselves anyway but the filtering functionality and table views are a 99% match to what we would make anyway, it's just the next step in multi selecting a portion of the filtered campaigns and then analysing them that we would need. See our design for reference.

We would use checkboxes to select the campaigns in this scenario.

@ed.s Okay, that makes a lot more sense. I'm not completely sure how Metabase should implement this, since it probably should only be an option if there's certain other behavior as well.
I don't think Metabase is ready for something like this (if ever), since it would require several new/updated components before trying to actually implement what you're after.