Self-serve email signups

Is there any way to allow users to register their own accounts using an email address? e.g. no Oauth/SSO

For we've been using SSO as a workaround, but not everyone has a Gmail account (and it regularly has issues or causes user confusion)

thank you for the awesome app!

Hi @jamiew
You can create your own little script, which creates the user account via the API and sends people an invitation.

That's a great idea, but I don't know their email addresses! Our use case is fully self-serve, so folks could sign themselves up without an admin needing to be bothered every time

@jamiew Create a page where people signup.

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Thanks, that is an even better idea

Offhand do you know if it is possible to customize the main Metabase landing page? So we could, for instance, redirect people to the self-serve signup page

@jamiew Not sure which landing page you are referring to, but if it is the auth page, then have a look here:

If you are using Gsuite, you can enable single sign on on your metabase instance