Sending dashboard link automatically without connecting to cloud

Hi there,

I have been using metabase so far right now and I was able to customize a few dashboards like I wanted. I have a question tho. I want to send it to a few others , but I don't want to do that by doing cloud. Is there an easy way for me to make dashboards available to the people with the links

Hey, do you want to share a link to your dashboard without requiring people to log into Metabase?

You can create a public link (an admin must enable public sharing first).

Let me know if I misunderstood what you meant by "without connecting to Cloud". Hope this helps!

Yeah, but whenever I send this link to someone the link is unreachable. I suppose because the link itself isn't open to the internet and I should normally use "Metabase Cloud" on this instance? But as I said I am looking for a solution that's free.

You'll have to set up a Metabase server on a public cloud or on your personal computer (on this second option you'll have to set up some NAT on your router so your computer can be accessed from the internet)

Thanks for the reply! The second option is what I was looking for but this doesn't secure the data in the metabase. Is there any option to blacklist all ips except some specific ones( whitelisting those IPs) so that the data I am sending will actually be secure?

when you say "secure data in the metabase" what do you refer to?

Okay, that wasn't phrased well so let me try again. I want to share my dashboards with someone specific. I want person A to reach this dashboard but nobody else. Does that make sense? Opening a NAT server just like you have said would make the dashboard reachable to anyone with the link, am I wrong? So how can we accomplish that? Am I missing something?