Sending Reports to External Users

Hi, I'm currently trying to set up a weekly analytics report for Customers (people without Metabase accounts). Essentially, I would like to embed the report directly in an email. I have tried using Subscribers and it seems that the emails sent through that just show a snippet of data and link back to Metabase; only having .csv's attached as a means to view all the data without logging in.

Is embedding the dashboard in an email possible? Thanks!

Hi @ccoffey1
You can use Subscriptions to send the dashboard via email:
It will only include few rows in the preview and include a CSV or XLSX with more data.
If you want to share a dashboard, then you can just use Public Sharing or Embedding:

Appreciate the speedy reply, thanks!

There's no way to generate a PDF of the dashboard, correct?

@ccoffey1 You would have to use external tools for that, since it would require a browser engine to generate a PDF of a full dashboard.

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