Series Breakout for Table Summarize

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What I'm currently trying to do, is recreate a table from our warehouse so that we don't have to run a separate report whenever we want the information. I'm trying to do this outside using SQL if possible. The table I'm trying to recreate looks like:


I'm trying to summarize by total hours worked, but, by splitting this out over two plus columns. For example, using account name "AC", at a base level I want to see the sum of all hours worked for all different Tasks for that account. And then, obviously extend this out for all accounts as seen above. I'm currently having trouble recreating this in Metabase.

I've found a way of doing it by using a Series Breakout on a Bar Chart (shown)

However, the brief specifically is asking for this as a table.

Whenever I try this using the table visualisation, I hit a road block, as Metabase immediately wants to shift into a pivot table when I try Summarizing by Worked Hours and then adding more than one Column to Summarize by (this is unfortunately unfeasible as there are too many columns for "Task Title"). So, at this point I'm lost for ideas, and would love any ideas or help!?

For reference, here are the table joins. There are heaps as this tile is meant to feature on a dashboard which uses a lot of filters.

Whoops, sorry, noticed my first Image didn't work properly. Table is attached here:

Please post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
When you return one metric with two groupings, then Metabase will automatically enable pivot:
You can disable that by clicking visualization Settings

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