Set a fixed axis scale?

Hi! Is it possible to specify a fixed axis scale for a visualization?

In my case, I have some bar charts showing different data. Placed side by side in a dashboard, I'd like their y axes to be comparable (e.g., have both go from 0-100, not 0 to some auto-selected value based on the source data).


Hi @smurray
Yes, disable "Auto y-axis range" in the visualization Settings > Axes:

@flamber thank you. I tried disabling "Auto y-axis range" already. That works on an individual chart.

But disabling auto-ranging doesn't let me specify axis min/max values manually. And each chart functions independently. So when I have two charts next to each other in a dashboard, they aren't aware of each others axis ranges.

Maybe a sketch will help. On top here, Charts A and B function independently. Note that A's max value is ~100 and B's max value is ~50.

On the bottom is what I'd like to achieve — setting the same y axis range on both independent charts, so I can more easily make an "apples to apples" comparison between A and B.

Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
I would highly encourage using the Sample Dataset to try to explain problems, since it seems like you cannot show your data (understandably), but it makes it more difficult to help you.

Thank you! That helps.

I toggle off the "auto y-axis range" and now I see the min/max value inputs. This solves my problem.

(They must have been there before, but I overlooked them. :roll_eyes:🤦‍♂)

I tried that, but axis is not changing. It is same with "auto y-axis range" off and on.
Attaching the screenshot for reference.

@brucewayne_now You have values going to 100,000. The min/max will expand to the values: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post