Setting field filters in nested fields

How to set field filters in nested fields? Then, if I write the specific value of taskId directly, it can pass. If I set the field filter, an error will be reported. Is there a problem with my statement?

Hello, the above statement problem has been solved, but there is already a result before the field filtering is performed, but it is not according to the SQL statement requirements. When the field filtering is performed next, it shows no results. What is the reason? ? How to improve?

I set the field type of the variable name to text to run, but I set it to the field filter condition and it cannot be executed.

Hi @sugar
That’s not how Field Filters work - read this:

Then I want to set the variable as the field filter condition, how to write the correct sentence? When setting to text type, the correct results can be displayed, but when setting to field filter type, displaying no results . What is the reason?

@sugar If you read the article, then you would understand that Field Filters are used without column or operator.

When querying by statement, setting the x variable and selecting the type of variable name, when selecting the field filter, displaying no results.

@sugar You have not read the documentation or the article. It’s difficult to help you, when you don’t read the information.
When using a simple Text/Number/Date filter, then it should look like this:

WHERE column = {{filter}}

When using Field Filters, it should look like this:

WHERE {{filter}}

Thank you for your help. The problem has been solved. I would like to express my sincere thanks again.