Setting for YAML files to export SQL code on single line vs multi-line?

My team and I currently use a git based workflow by utilizing Metabase's serialization feature (i.e. we track changes to the export YAML files in a git repository). This feature is very useful but I have noticed that sometimes the YAML files that are generated put the SQL query code as a quoted string on a single line with new lines included in the form of a line feed (\n) and other times the SQL query code is exported over multiple lines as a block beginning with a block chomp indicator |- .

It would be helpful for us if we could always have those queries exported over multiple lines so that changes to them can be more easily tracked via git. It seems like random chance whether the query is exported one way vs the other. Is there a setting for this somewhere?

In case its useful context, we almost exclusively use native SQL queries for our cards.

Are you using serialization?

Yes, we are using serialization both for tracking our changes via git, as well as using it via multiple instances of Metabase (i.e. local dev instances, a staging instance, and a prod instance).