Setup metabase and postgresql on the same vps

is it possible to setup metabase + postgresql on the same server (VPS from OVH)?
advantage and risques?
thank you for your advices.

You technically can host the application database on the same VPS as the application but it's not recommended. Separating concerns helps ensure that if your app server crashes you don't lose your data with it and allows you to tune for database performance and application performance separately.

Here are some reference articles you may be interested in that give a high level overview of hosting Metabase and how the product scales that may help you make a more informed decision:

I can only think of 2 advantages to hosting together:

  1. Cost as one slightly larger server is going to be cheaper than 2 servers.
  2. Network traffic - in theory the query response will be quicker as you've removed the network from the equation. Not sure that would be measurable.

That said, my customer using Metabase the most has everything on one server along with the source database. That's simpy because the MD fancies himself as a techie and bought an Azure VM on the cheaper long term plan - it's way too big for what we need now.
We've had no problems running it like that.