Share dashboard with other group inside metabase

Hi there,

This may have a simple solution but I've looked for a solution for a while and nothing seems to work. Let's say I have a group with limited access to certain tables inside a specific schema, and I as admin create a dashboard for them using only those said tables, aka, using only data the can see and they also have access to the collection the dashboard was created in. The problem is, even though they have access to all the resources in theory, they still can't see the dashboard due to permission errors. As i created the dashboard as admin and using the raw sql query editor, I assume metabase can't be sure what data was used to build those dashboards. I get it, problem is I can't give them full access to the whole data, and we really want to keep using the raw sql editor, but they can't since that requires precisely full data access. Anyway to circumvent this problem? Thank you!

you should give those users "no self service" permissions, and with that they won't be able to do queries, but they will see the results of pre-made questions