Shared panel settings not working on browser with different languages

Hello, I think I have found a bug but I’m not sure, maybe this was intentional.

The problem:
I have a few panels with charts that I set custom titles and colors and then save. When I open theses panels on browser with different language these settings won’t work (tried with line chart).

Is this a bug or was intentional?

Hi @fabiohvp
Can you provide a screenshot of how it looks in the different languages?
It sounds like you’re experiencing the same issue as this:

It is the same problem (I searched for localization before and did not found that thread). But my problem is between Portuguese-BR / English-US.
I am not able to reproduce the problem after my associate upgraded his chrome, so I guess maybe it was some problem with his browser.
I will try more and if I am able to reproduce the problem I’ll post the screenshots here.