Sharing dashboards

So i am using metabase on my UBUNTU 20 machine using the .jar file and have created a dashboard but how can i share it to people who dont have metabase and are outside my local network.

Hi @shail
Then you'll need expose your machine to the internet. I would recommend that you setup a server, or use something like Metabase Cloud instead:

I saw the metabase cloud service but unfortunately cannot afford them so can u give examples of setting up your own server (im a beginner at this pardon the stupid questions)

@shail If you have never run a server before, then I can only recommend that you don't. Really.
You'll likely open yourself up to a lot of security issues.
But search the internet on how to setup a server. It's really nothing specific to do with Metabase.
And after you have a server running, then you can install Metabase on that by following this:

Oh i see , thank you very much!