Sharing page add question description

Question creator leave some message in description, and hope when users open the sharing page, they can see the question description, like attach image, thank you…

I see in your example that it’s when you use public dashboard.

Does it work when it’s not a public share?

What Metabase version are you on? Was it working with an older version?

Which browser do you see the problem with?

Hi, jornh,
It’s not public dashboard, is public link page from question.
I use Google Chrome 67.0.3396.62 (X64) and Metabase version v0.29.3 (Built on 2018-05-12).
please see image, thanks.

It work in private question page, like attach image.

I understand now! Thanks for explaining.

I’m thinking maybe it’s a bug related to this issue where it worked in v0.28

See and Question mark on segments not displaying info