Sharing Questions/Dashboard/SQL's from Local Installation

We have decided to test using local installations of Metabase in our organization to build a dashboard and configure questions to be used to query an Oracle database. Within my group, I am the only one with SQL expertise and so my idea is that I will configure these SQL's on my local installation of Metabase and then I would like to share them with 3-4 others so they can just run the queries on their own local installation. Given that we do not have a server (yet) to install Metabase, I am not sure if there is a simple way to share questions among local installations other than sending the sql via email with some instructions on how to add it in each others local install. I've been digging around but I haven't come up with anything that will do that easily. Is this possible?


Hi @rossi45
You should setup a single installation, which everyone uses, instead of local installations for each.
But until that, then it's probably easiest just to share the query via email.