Sharing the Dashboard/Questions not happening?

I used the below link and followed the exact steps to share the Dashboard to my local users but it’s not happening infact finding an error

Link(Followed this steps) :

Erro : Page not found is the error.

Please help

P.S: I use the application to write questions and stuff.

You need to provide more information Metabase version, OS. The link you’re publishing would be useful too.

Metabase version : You’re on version v0.29.0

I am using a Mac Pro

I’ve not used the mac version. Does the link work on the local machine? If so, is there a firewall on the Mac? Can the other users ping the Mac’s IP Address?

No… The link does not work on the local machine too.

Yes there is a firewall on the Mac.

What is the link you’re trying to use?

below are the link that I’m using

Public link: http://localhost:13654/public/dashboard/d3746594-e907-4cb2-afb7-d307a008efb2

Public Embed:

Both are not working