Show Entity name for relations when visualizing as anything but raw table


I don’t know if this is a bug, missing feature or misconfiguration (I am hoping on the latter…).

So I have a table called “History” that show history notes saved in the database (this is a CRM database). The history notes are connected to a “Company”, which is a different table in the database.

When showing the raw history table, the company relation shows the entity name, which is great. But when I try any visualization, grouping on “Company”, it switches “Company” to the ID of the company instead.

The field “Company name” is set as “Entity name” as the screenshot shows:

I do know that I can select to group on for example “Company name” to get the desired result, but should that really be necessary in this case? This is just one example of many where I would like to show the Entity name in visualizations rather than “Entity key” (which it does now If I understand things correctly).

Thanks for your help!

Hi @mangefager
Please use support email, when using the Enterprise Edition.
I’m taking a guess that “Company” is actually just an ID with “Display values”=“Use foreign key” defined.

I thought it was of general interest, that’s why I am using the forum. But i’ll go through the support. Thanks for the quick answer.

@mangefager If you go through support, then we can track the issues and that makes a big difference in prioritization.

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