Show infinity symbol instead of 'Infinity'


I have a column within a table which shows numbers. Some of the values within this column are "Infinity". Is it possible to show the symbol ∞ rather than showing the text "Infinity"?


Hi @CG111111
The value "Infinity" is returned by your database. But it's a special value, not just a normal string.
You would have to do a case on the column if you want it to be returned as something else.

Hi @flamber,

My column is an integer, not a normal string. Is it possible to store a symbol within the same column as numeric column?

@CG111111 Likely no, since that requires your database to be able to support that, which I don't think any of the databases support.
You are basically asking for frontend formatting functionality, which Metabase currently don't have. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post