Show only data points (no line, column or area)

Is there a way to show only data points?
No column, line or area. I believe that should be a new type of visualization.

Hi @achvaicer
So basically just numbers placed "randomly" on the page?
Seems like you are looking for Scatter visualization, which currently doesn't support data points.

I'd like to create a chart like this.


But on metabase look like this:

@achvaicer You can try changing the visualization settings to "Replace missing values with" = "Nothing"
But there's currently no visualization in Metabase, which does exactly what you are after.

Thank @flamber,

Already tried this, and is almost what I want.

But still have this vertical columns on chart.

@achvaicer Yes, because you are returning some rows, which contains zero value (or very low value) instead of null. Or at least that's what it looks like from the little screenshot snippet.
If you can make it work, then great, if not, then Metabase cannot present the data how you want.

It worked!
Thanks @flamber!

It was returning 0 instead of null.

Had to show the dots because was to tiny without them.

@achvaicer Yeah, the dots are tiny, when you have so many values close together. There's also a little difference in the dot size depending on your browser.
But it looks fairly close to the original, good job.

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