Show the compiled raw SQL

Hey everyone, quick feedback/request (that I'd be happy to try to contribute as PR on Github).

I'm migrating from Chartio to Metabase cloud and one thing that Chartio has that is super useful for debugging complex queries (or queries with variables) is the ability to see the final compile query.

AFAIK Metabase doesn't provide any UI to see that, but I can see the compiled query in the JSON that the frontend gets as a response. Is there a reason why this isn't easily available via UI?

I'm copying and pasting some giant queries all day long from Chartio and Metabase and hitting all sorts of issues here and having this feature would be really helpful.

Here's how Chartio does it:

You're referring to, if you do a thumbs up on the first comment it'll help us to prioritize the issue. Thanks!

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