Showing and hiding Metabase UI components

I've been reading this: Interactive embedding

Where the different query string values can be used to show/ hide ui features on an embedded dashboard. It sounds great but it doesn't seem to work. I must be missing something.

If this is my sso url


can anyone suggest why I don't see the 'New Button'? I get the right dashboard and all looks well but no new button. I've been having a running battle with this settings for a couple of days now, not just with seeing the new button. I wonder if there is some web of dependencies between them I am missing?

Any assistance welcome as I'm already a bit thin on top and this is not helping.

[addendum:] Changing the url to api/sso/metabase?return_to=/dashboard/14?new_button=true seems to have shaken the new button out into the open but these settings and how or when they take effect still seems a bit confusing to me. If I have multiple dashboards in our sites with differing combinations of these switches does the last one you landed on alter the state of the switch in the next one unless you reset that switch back to its default? I'm still a bit confused but I can see my new button as things stand.


Are you currently in a trial or a customer of ours? If so, please email help at metabase dot com!

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@dahyeikim We are customers. I'll contact help when the keyboard mashing fails next time. I have a combination that seems to work at the moment so I'm not touching it.