Sign in with Google [GSI_LOGGER]: The given origin is not allowed for the given client ID

I’m using Metabase 0.46.2 Open Source and I’ve enabled Google Sign-in using the documentation here.

When I try to sign in using “Sign in with Google” button a new window pops up and stays blank.

The error message I get both from my Metabase instance and pop-up window dev tools is more or less the same which is this:

[GSI_LOGGER]: The given origin is not allowed for the given client ID.

Email/Password sign in work fine. But I’ve tried Google sign in on chrome 112 and Microsoft Edge on windows11 and Firefox and chrome on CentOS7 VM (I’ve also tried incognito mode). In All cases the same error message and white blank pop-up window.

The URI Metabase instance I’m using is “

I’ve specified the same URI under “Authorized JavaScript origins” and left “Authorized Redirect URIs” untouched. I’ve made sure the Client ID I’m using in Metabase Admin -> Authentication is exact as in the Google client.

Can anyone help me how I can fix this issue?


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So you are 100% sure you updated the allowed origins in Google Cloud Console:

I think that since metabase is not running on https you are getting conflicts with your Google Client ID

Yes, 100% sure I've the same URI instance specified under "Authorized JavaScript origins".


I know this is probably on Google side but is there a way to address the conflict?

If you are using the browser I think it only works for https. So try adding a certificate to test that

Hi @amha, were you able to figure that out?
I'm running into the exact same issue.


you need to check your Google Workspace SSO config

Has anyone figured this out. I am facing same issue :frowning:

update to the latest version and also check your Google SSO configuration, it's no accepting auths from the metabase url