Significant BUG

I don’t know where to upload the video. I found an inevitable error here, which seriously affected the normal use

@zsk Upload to any file sharing host and post the link here. Example (change to 100 downloads for 7 days)

You can see that this is the latest metabase.jar downloaded from the official website

In the process of my use, this error is bound to occur

@zsk I don’t understand what the problem is, but you are showing a pie chart - not sure why couldn’t show a screenshot and explain the problem?
I’m guessing you’re seeing this:

And no, I cannot see which version you’re using. It would be much better to use the version number instead of whatever latest means.

When I have a clearer description of the problem, I will generate the corresponding video and share it with you!

I get Metabase at this page! The version is v0.33.5.

The problem is as follows:

We can see the following error in the browser console

@zsk Looks like this issue:

In my blog, I did see that you pointed out the same problem with links, but in different forms. Is this a ram related problem? But when I used version 0.32.8, it never happened. I think this situation is very serious for me. In the two days of my use, it has occurred more than 10 times

@zsk I think something got lost in translation - I don’t understand what you’re writing.
If you can reproduce the problem with Sample Dataset, then it would make it much easier to figure out what’s going on and fix it.
Does the problem also occur if you use another browser like Firefox?

At present, I only found this problem in the Google browser, because I haven’t tried Firefox yet. If this happens next time, I will switch to Firefox as soon as possible and give you feedback.