Simple division decimals values do not appear in result


I am working on a native query. And I'm doing a simple division, the results should be for example 0,9512 but in the table it shows only 0. Although I tried to change the minimum number of decimals, it keeps showing 0. And if for example I try to multiple for 1000, the value also does not change.

Please, can somebody help me?

Hi @Laura.dropp
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting, and the database type you're querying.

Thanks for the reply. I'm new in Meta Base, how should I post the "Diagnostic Info"? Is direct in the MetaBase page?

@Laura.dropp Here. Copy and paste it here.

I did a data type change when i encountered this error. Using the cast function - cast my column to a float and the result showed

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If it makes the SQL simpler, just put 1.0 * in from the calculation.

select z.a/z.b as doesntWork,
1.0 * z.a/z.b as works
(select 5 as a ,6 as b) as z