Single Button / Link Card


It would be really useful for many of our dashboards to be able to create a “button” or “big link” card.

I have tried to create a “Number” card, but that doesn’t seem to support links. What I would want ideally is a card that would essentially turn a URL string into a button.

For sizing on a dashboard I would imagine that it could be as small as 1x1 or 2x1 (WxH) so you could fit a couple of them in the top of a dashboard. Alternatively, they could be placed around the top where the filters are placed, but I would imagine that to be a bigger change.

Right now the only way to have a link in a card is to have the card styled as a table, but that will make the link really small, take up a lot of space, show the column name etc.

I have attached a suggestion as to how this could look.


@magnuspleo Textbox?

@flamber Ah sorry - forgot to specify that I want to be able to generate the link from a query.

The issue is that we have dashboards where we view details for specific customers, and they have links to other tools in the tables. So I would like to be able to generate a link/button from SQL like…


@magnuspleo Okay, you’re basically asking for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
And this too:

Yeah some aspects of the request are the same. Thanks for linking me to the issues. I have upvoted them both. :+1: