Slack alert not showing images

The admin of our Slack and Metabase has set up weekly alerts where certain Metabase cards are sent to one of our Slack channels. I can see the posts alright, the problem is that everyone can see the images but me. I'm using the Slack Win10 desktop app - when I check for updates it says it's the latest version. Metabase version is 0.44.

The preview image is blank although I can see the alt-text and when I click the link to open the image I get a modal pop up that has a "broken image" icon in it.

I'm a MB admin too and actually wrote the queries for those cards, I'm not involved with Slack integration though. I've checked all of my Slack settings and can't see anything that stops these images being shown. All other non-Metabase images show fine for me.

I see in our Metabase Admin page this message:

Your Slack bot was deprecated but is still working. We recommend you delete the existing connection and upgrade to Slack Apps.

Would using Slack Apps guarantee to fix my issue? Given that I'm the only one having this problem? (I guess we should do so at some point, anyway)

Any other suggestions? TIA :slight_smile:

Hi @Zenlan
If you check your logs (Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs), then you'll see that Metabase probably can't upload the images to Slack, which is why it's failing.
Upgrade your Slack connection as the notification tells you to.

Not seeing anything in the logs about image uploads. As I mentioned, all other users can see the images.

@Zenlan If it's only a specific user who cannot see images, then it's likely caused by the client (or other networking issues) on their computer. Anyways, change to Slack Apps, the old method is deprecated/broken by Slack.