Slack bot permissions issue


Has anyone had the following issue when trying to setup a slackbot? I've followed the guide but when asking a question I get the following error;

I'm running the latest version but can't seem to find any information in the logs either in the UI or via AWS EB. Any other suggestions or pointers in the correct direction?

Most of the questions are written in SQL which probably affects this.


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Hmm, in the Permissions section of the Admin Panel, does MetaBot have permission to at least View SQL queries?

Should have included that I've already looked into this, seems it granted access when setting up the bot which looks fine.

I’m having the same issue… any tips?

I ended up having to go into the metabase database and clone some rows in the permission table and set them to the group_id for metabot. Everything after ID 16 was cloned/adjusted in the screenshot.

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Hi. Looks like we’re having the same issue. Seems that the sqlite DB is password protected. Any idea about how we could fix it ?

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@letourmy the Metabase out-of-the-box database is not a sqlite but a H2 database.

I can connect to a copy of mine with blank username/password:

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I was wondering if anyone had discovered a better solution to this issue? We were having the same problem described here and thought at first it was linked to naming the metabot Bot in slack wrong (we named it ‘data’), but remaking the Bot and generating a new API key didn’t seem to have any effect.

I went into the database and explicitly added metabot’s permissions in the permissions tables and that solved the issue. Though, I would rather not have to do that every time a new collection is made.

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Hey we’re facing the same issue and I’d up-vote it for being fixed…

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