Slack bot weird behaviour

Hi, we recently upgraded to 0.42.2 and added the new Slack app, which is now posting weird parts of reports to our channel that we set in the app:

Where can I find more information about these reports being scheduled to Slack? From the images itself it's impossible to tell which report it is.

Thanks a lot,

Hi @matusp
It looks like the #metabase_files channel. Metabase needs to put the images somewhere, which is by default to that public channel, though it should not be viewed/used, since the full report will be in whatever channel the specific subscription was designated to.

You're right, thank you!

It would be great if there was some description on the /admin/settings/slack page.

@matusp There is such message during the setup, but yes, it's not clear what that channel is used for. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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