Slack Dashboard subscription is showing smaller image


We have been using Slack subscription and it was working great. We recently updated Metabase version from 38.1 to 41.4, and it started to send us the image with reduced rows. This notification is set to send out the data to users who have no Metabase account, so the preview image was important to us.

I saw one ticket in github mentioning about the preview includes too much right padding but it did not mention about the row length as we are experiencing.

This is also happening in the channel #metabase_files. I will attach the files before and after. Please advice.

Thank you.

Hi @fkojima
There's a lot of work being done with static visualizations (as they are called), and also the Slack integration. Most of this will hopefully make it in 0.42
But I would recommend that you create a new issue.

OK, Thank you @flamber!