Slack Integration: How to post every new record to table to Slack?


I have a table entitled: company. Every time a new record is added to the company table, I would like Metabase to automatically post a text-based message to Slack with something like:

New Company: $company.title$ was just created

Is this possible?

Thank you

Hi @bretth
No, but you can schedule as an Alert or Pulse every hour, which includes a list of companies added the past would.

Thank you for the reply. Alert's & Pulses are not text based right? They send Slack an image or file?

@bretth I think only the Number (can also be used for a single string) visualization is text based currently, as of 0.41

sorry not following. Are you saying, it's not possible to send a text-based message to Slack as desired?

New Company: $company.title$ was just created

@bretth You can return a single column, with a single row. And change the visualization to Number. That might work. If it doesn't work, then no, it's not possible to do what you're trying to do.

Thanks for the reply but I don't think that would work since Pulses can only be sent as frequently as hourly. And if I can only return 1 record, I won't be posting to slack for every new records created in the company table.