Slack integration not finding a proper channel

We are self-hosting a Metabase instance. We tried to add the Slack integration to send dashboard subscriptions to a channel, but unfortunately emitted messages are not sent properly.

We are sending the messages to metabase_files channel. As you can see in the screenshot below, the metabase_files channel is found via the Bot User (and that it has in fact access to list channels).

However, when I try to send the message to the given Slack channel, I get the following output in troubleshooting logs:

[728b06c8-2dd0-455a-8113-faf1dfaeb342] 2022-06-08T16:53:27+02:00 WARN metabase.integrations.slack {:error-code "channel_not_found",
 :message "Slack API error: channel_not_found",
 :response {:ok false, :error "channel_not_found"}}

The pulse test request in the browser seems to pass though:

Version of Metabase is v0.43.2. Should something additional be set up for the Slack integration to work?

Hi @ajz
Make sure that the App is member of the channel metabase_files
Seems like Slack has changed something in their API, which has again broken our integration, since this was handled automatically during the setup process we had created.

Yup, App is a member of the channel @flamber .

I see in Slack docs, that they are expecting the channel ID right now in requests [source].

So rather than passing the resolved name (metabase_files), they expect the internal identifier, such as C1234567890.

@ajz Yes. But then the App wasn't member until you used the internal identifier then.


Ah, you're right - I added it and now seems to work.

For future reference, the solution was as @flamber suggested.

  1. Add app to the channel via click "+" sign in message entry box in Slack:
  2. Add Metabase App to the channel:

Thanks for help! There's nothing about adding the app to channel in public docs, so maybe I should contribute?

@ajz There has been way too many reports the last couple of days, so I've created an issue for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Great, thanks!