Slack Integration Private Channels

Ive seen some posts regarding the ability of Slack to post to private channels. I would lean towards it not being possible based on github and posts here. However, when I go to

It says

Where can I use MetaBot?
You can talk to MetaBot in any Slack channel, including private ones, as long as you’ve invited the MetaBot Slack user to that channel.

Is this true? Ive invited the metabot user to the private channel but the channel still appears a different color in my slack admin panel under bots. Am I doing this wrong?

I am able to get pulses sent via direct message and to the metabase public channel on slack but I would like to be able to send these reports privately

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Hi @scootscoot
It sounds like you’re experiencing this issue (go and vote by clicking the :+1: in the first post)