Slack integration returning error

Hello Team!!
I am trying to integrate Metabase with Slack, for configuring some alerts. As mentioned in the docs, created a slack app and I have got the OAuth token as well. But Metabase is returning me the below error -
Slack API error: unknown_method

The token i used is a legitimate token and i had it tested in Slack api tested website.

Below is the log snippet:

[6b16e3f3-9e9a-4c24-a8e3-6ece20e5146e] 2022-03-16T17:58:51+05:30 WARN metabase.integrations.slack {:message "Slack API error: unknown_method", :response {:ok false, :error "unknown_method", :req_method "channels.list"}}

[6b16e3f3-9e9a-4c24-a8e3-6ece20e5146e] 2022-03-16T17:58:51+05:30 DEBUG metabase.middleware.log PUT /api/slack/settings 400 72.4 ms (0 DB calls)
{:message "Slack API error: unknown_method", :response {:ok false, :error "unknown_method", :req_method "channels.list"}}


Hi @bbalachandran
You need to use Metabase 0.42.0 or newer:
The Slack setup has completely changed, because Slack deprecated their APIs.

Thanks @flamber for replying!
Problem with upgrade is that, i had used stable helm charts to deploy the version - v0.34.0. And now looks like the stable charts are not available.

What do you suggest? if iIuse jar to deploy now, how will I get my datasources, dashboards? Will there be any data loss?

@bbalachandran You should upgrade immediately to a newer release. As long as you are using an external application database, then everything will be preserved during upgrades.

You will have to do the legwork of getting it working on Helm, since there's currently no official chart:

Thanks for the suggestion @flamber. Tried in a lower environment and it is working as expected.
Question : Is there a way to export / import users ?

@bbalachandran You can copy the entire application database, which will include users. Otherwise you need to use the API to create users - there's no import/export of users.

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