Slack integration

I am trying to integrate with Slack and it seems that things have changed on Slack side
When I generate a test token I fail to save setting on metabase
When I register metabase as a bot I can see the channels and users in pulse but cannot send to actual message

Any advice?

I just tried to generate a token and it worked for me.

Can you describe what happened when “I generate a test token I fail to save setting on metabase”. Did the button not activate? Did you get an error?

I just tried it again and it worked - not sure what happened there


Let us know how it works. Would love to hear feedback on usability, whether it solves any problems for you, as well as anything that would make it more useful for you.

I’m getting failures when trying to use the slack bot’s API token. How can I use Pulses with a slack bot I’ve created, instead of the pulses coming from a slack user account?

Not sure. Slack’s API setup is a little weird wrt to integrations that don’t come from a specific IP/Hostname. If you figure it out, we’d love to know how you did it =)