Slack Pulse error

Hi, I am trying to set up a Pulse for email and Slack. Email works absolutely fine, but the Slack option only returns a ‘sending failed’ when I test it.

Adding a new test link has no effect. Also, the Metabot service works okay. I cannot see anything relevant in our Elastic Beanstalk logs.

Would anyone have any advice? Thanks

Are there any JS errors?

Which channel in slack are you trying to publish to?

I’m getting the same error. Here are the console messages I get:

angular.min.js:79 POST https://[our-metabase-url]/api/pulse/test 500 (Server Error)
(anonymous function) @ angular.min.js:79
g @ angular.min.js:74
a @ angular.min.js:72
l @ angular.min.js:102
l @ angular.min.js:102
(anonymous function) @ angular.min.js:103
$eval @ angular.min.js:114
$digest @ angular.min.js:111
(anonymous function) @ angular.min.js:114
s @ angular.min.js:37
(anonymous function) @ angular.min.js:41

experience the same issue here. Any solution for this?

Gibran, can you tell us more about the specifics of your installation? Eg, version if nothing else. If you’re still getting the error poggen copy+pasted, you’re running an ancient version of Metabase.

where it’s installed, what the network looks like, any firewalls, etc.

I’m currently using version v0.21.1 (Built on 2016-12-14). It is currently installed on our server.

Based on the error, it sounds like it’s either not able to connect or the credentials are wrong. If you’re certain of the latter, you should try to debug connectivity from the server to the outside world. We use port 80 for slack API requests, so you should make sure whatever user you’re running it under can access the slack api url.

Need to have a channel #metabase_files in your workspace. This was my issue and it was driving me nuts.

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@manghat It’s also noted in the documentation:
And it’s normally also noted in the interface, but helper element got lost - that has been fixed and will be back in 0.35.4:

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Thanks! Somehow I missed that.
two of my teammates and I spent hours trying to figure this out. Slack also says that it is deprecating old bot app. That also didn’t help we thought there was something wrong with the permissions.

@manghat We know about the deprecation :wink: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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This dead on and not clearly communicated during bot build step.