Slow performance while download reports in excel format

Hi All,
Downloading the reports in excel format is very slow and its taking long time.
Any suggestion to improve the performance to download the report.

Shyja S L

Bumping this one up. We’ve had periodic issues with people downloading Excel files, in particular. It’d be super nice to have an option in configuration somewhere along the way to have a control to disable this option. It’s pretty much the issue that gives us downtime headaches.

In reply to the above, @shyja, the CSV export has worked very well for us, and is substantially more performant than the Excel output.

If you use a reverse proxy, then you can block requests for .../xlsx - it’s a hack, but it works, and will still allow CSV and JSON.
It requires much more resources to generate the XLSX, since Metabase downloads all the data and then creates the temporary file and then gives that to the user’s browser.
There’s work being done to try to use streams, which means it will not have to generate the entire file before handing it to download, but I don’t think that will be possible for XLSX.
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