Snowflake connections shows all databases

I’m struggling with the Snowflake connection. It connects and works, but it is trying to scan and make available every database that I have in our account. I only want it to expose one database. I have specified that database name on the settings screen. When I connect, it spends over an hour trying to scan every table/view in every database, before it makes them available eventually. Why? I only want the one database, which has only a handful of tables in it.

By the way, I am using the hosted version.

Hi @spraguey
Can you post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting?
Metabase will connect to all the schemas available, so if you want Metabase to only see a single schema, then you need to create a privilege that limits that.
Or am I misunderstanding the problem you’re having?

I think I may have solved this issue, but it is worth posting here for others.

On the settings screen in Metabase, it asks for the schema. This is NOT the schema in Snowflake. It is actually the DATABASE in Snowflake.

I have a REPORTING database in Snowflake. Within that, I have a schema called ADVANCEMENT.

When I specified these two values in the metabase settings (database = REPORTING and schema = ADVANCEMENT in the GUI settings) it tries to scan the entire root of my Snowflake instance - thousands of tables and views. I think that is because what Metabase calls “schema” is not the same as what Snowflake calls schema. It eventually finishes (after hours), but shows every database and every schema I have.

When I specify database = REPORTING and schema = REPORTING, it then ONLY scans and presents my REPORTING database. I can see ADVANCEMENT and others within it, and it becomes available for browsing very quickly.

My problem is resolved, but I might consider this a bug in Metabase. I think the “schema” fields in the settings form is actually mapped to the “database” in Snowflake instead of the schema.

@spraguey Sounds like you’re seeing this issue, if I’m understanding what you’re writing: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Yes, thank you. I left a comment there as well.

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