Snowflake Connector

Just wanted to throw a +1 out there for adding a driver / connector to Snowflake ( Snowflake is a highly preformat managed data warehouse built on HDFS / Redshift so one would think that porting the Redshift connection over would be pretty straight forward.

P.S. Metabase is pretty amazing.

Glad you’re enjoying Metabase!

We get lots of requests for new database drivers, and the best way to get the one you care about prioritized is to submit a new GitHub issue for it. This is the first time I’ve heard Snowflake requested, so it might not make it to the top of the list for a while. But, we do accept pull requests for new drivers if you’re up to the task! Here’s a guide for writing Metabase database drivers.

@sogorman @maz we already have an open issue for adding Snowflake support: