Snowflake Driver Update

Hi, I noticed that Snowflake recently released an update to their driver to fix connectivity issues. I looked through the release notes for Metabase and was not able to find any mention of the driver being updated. Do you know if it has been updated or if it will be updated to user their new driver?

Here is the communication from Snowflake regarding the driver upgrade.


Hi @jacobr
There’s an issue open about that. It’s scheduled for 0.34 (not always a guarantee it will make that release):

Hi @flamber do you know when version 0.34 is expected to be released? Also, is there anything that I can do to assist with the Snowflake driver update to ensure it is included in this release?

@jacobr Actually, it seems like the driver was updated last week (as part of PR #11280), so it will be part of 0.34.0 (I don’t think such a big update will be part of any 0.33.x releases).
If you asked me a month ago, I would say that 0.34.0 would land this year, but given the current date, then I’m hesitant to give a firm date.

Ok that’s good to know. Hopefully 0.34.0 can be released soon because we use Metabase pretty heavily in our company and all of our dashboards query Snowflake and we have been seeing a ton of connection issues lately. I’m hoping that the driver updates resolves our issues.