Snowflake JDBC Connection String Not Being Applied


I have a successful database connection to my Snowflake database. I am trying to add the value WEEK_START=0 to the “Additional JDBC connection string options” but it does not seem to be applying the value to my connection. When I ask a native query question and run “show parameters” it still shows the week_start value of 7 instead of 0.

Does anyone know if I am setting this incorrectly or how I can override the value of 7 that Metabase is setting?

Thanks for the help!

Hi @jacobr
Looking at the driver code, it looks like it’s always defining WEEK_START=7, so even if you try to set the variable, it gets overruled.
I think you need to build your own driver with that modification.
Currently Metabase defines start-of-week to Sunday many places. There’s a request for making this changeable - go and upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post:

Thanks for your reply! When you say that I need to build my own driver, would that entail me forking the repo and building my own version of the Snowflake Driver, or is there some other way to accomplish that?

I have upvoted that post. It would be awesome to allow these values to be configurable, or at least to allow the jdbc string parameters to be the truth.

@jacobr Download the repo and change whatever you need and build the driver with ./bin/ snowflake