Snowflake: "use warehouse" command

It seems I’ve successfully connected to Snowflake and view all our schema under “Browse Data.”

However, when I go to view a table or run a question, I get the following error:
“No active warehouse selected in the current session. Select an active warehouse with the ‘use warehouse’ command.”

Any experience with this? Is there something in the config, either in Snowflake or Metabase I need to do get this to work? Thanks in advance.

Hi @tyleryaylunch
I have never seen anyone reporting this problem before. Not sure if you’re missing some connection info in Metabase, or need to change something on Snowflake like the user/role doesn’t have grant privileges to the warehouse.
Try with a different tool like to see if the problem is with Snowflake or Metabase.

I was able to resolve - a lot of this had to do with my not undertstanding databases vs. warehouses in Snowflake. Correcting the warehouse name solved the issue.

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