Software Development Wanted

Hey guys,

We’re hoping to find someone fluent in clojure that could implement

Essentially, it would be great if metabase displayed values on top of certain charts. We feel this is a very simple usability feature that would be health for the community to have. If you’re interested, please contact me.



Seems like a nice and important task.

@jsf are you talking about a paid project? (and if so, what budget do you have in mind?)

I am part of a small team of clojurians that likes to take on this kind of projects.

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@jsf Check out Sponsoring features or bug fixes. If this is a must have enhancement for which you are willing to hire out perhaps you can share the cost with others in the same boat via the fore mentioned Metabase Support option. With more than 100 upvotes for #4788 chances are at least a few like yourself could pool their resources to get it done and know it gets done right.

I actually spoke to Metabase about paying them to implement it, but it wasn’t on their immediate road map.

@daslu Yep, I’m talking about paying someone to implement this. Can you PM your contact info?

Great @jsf , I’m sending you a personal message.

Just realized that I don’t know how to PM here.

Anyway, my email is daniel dot slutsky at gmail dot com.
Let us continue there?


I really don’t think this has anything to do with Clojure. This is all frontend, which is React.