[SOLVED] Application Database's Public Schema is Empty

I need dashboard and question tables. When I install Metabase, Metabase create automatically metabase.db.mv.db h2 db file. I want for back-up and get dashboard and questions tables for move another envorienment. I open db file with dbeaver but public schema is empty. When I run "SELECT rd.id, rd.name, rd.description, rd.archived FROM report_dashboard rd;" query dbeaver return this error: SQL Error [42104] [42S04]: Table "REPORT_DASHBOARD" not found (this database is empty);

How can I copy my database file with dashboard and question tables? I was try backup db and download backup db file but I get same issue.

Hi @onuri
You should not be using H2 if you are using Metabase in production:
You cannot just copy a couple of tables to another instance. Everything is connected by IDs, which has a lot of other tables as dependencies. You have to copy everything.

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I can view tables after migration, thank you.