[SOLVED] Column header display

Hello guys,

I am having trouble with column header display in my tables generated from SQL queries:

Look at the headers of the columns. They should be “Profil” and “Compte” but I dont know why they are space and caps introduced in them.

Any Idea why this is happening?

Thank you

Metabase tries to change the table & column names to something more friendly. It’s not good in English and dreadful in anything else.
You can disable it in settings (I just set it to change _ to space).
Annoyingly, you’ll have to either rename your existing fields or delete then recreate the databases. If you’ve only just started, 2nd option is best.

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Ok, it was not an issue with my database but with the renaming I did in SQL queries. Metabase was reworking the headers. I did what you suggested, “change _ to space” in settings and it worked.

Thank you