(Solved) Custom Expression Bug


I use Metabase version 0.33.3 and I’m working on Chrome.

I use a SQL Server database
I have created a View with 2 columns A and B which are decimal type.
I want to display the sum of column A (LaunchedHCQty), the sum of column B (GoodHCQty) (so I use Sum of…). I want to display a third value that will correspond to the percentage of B in A : (B*100)/A


So I use the custom expression tool but I can’t save my question afterwards and Metabase bug afterwards (data that no longer appears…)

This is my View :

Thanks for your help

Hi @NicolasDa
Just give the Custom Expression a name and then it works again.
For reference, you’re seeing this issue:

Yes, it’s working when I put a name

Thanks for your help