[SOLVED] Find questions associated to a pulse in the application database

What I am trying to do is to retrieve all the pulses from the Metabase application database and get all the associated questions of those pulses. Basically I am trying to replicate what the MMetabase APIs are doing. The to APIs that I am interested in are /api/pulse/:id and /api/card/:id. I don’t know Clojure so is difficult to understand what is there. But what I have managed to understand so far is that the questions are placed into the report_card table and the pulses are in the pulse table. Now the pulse_card table has two important columns: pulse_id and card_id. Technically the card_id should be a foreign key to the card_report table. The think is in the pulse_card table I have entries with ids like 4000 and in the report card_collection I have ids up to 2000. The strange thing is when I am putting that id in the /api/card/:id api it works just fine. Also a pulse can have multiple questions, and when I call the /api/pulse/ API that is obvious because the cards attribute is an array.

So if someone knows how this apis work and is kind enough I would like to know what tables are used and how the data is retrieved because I want to replicate that process. This would help me very much, otherwise i have to learn Clojure and do reverse engineering.

First you could look up to
Pulse Card table, then you could join with Report Card and Pulse Tables.
If thats what you’re looking for

Yeah man, thanks! I figured it out from the code, so my logic was correct but I messed up something when I retrieved the data from the database and this caused my confusion.