[solved] Google auth blank pop-up

I'm having trouble setting up google auth on metabase.
The login popup stay white, with a 403 strict-origin-when-cross-origin error.

Metabase runs on aws fargate with the official metabase docker image in version v0.46.5.

I have a frontend ALB that forwards http traffic on container port 3000. I access the metabase via a CNAME entry which points to the dns of the ALB.
The CNAME domain is the one entered in metabase as the site URL.
The same domain is entered in google auth as Authorized JavaScript origins.

Do you have any idea how to solve this error?

Thank you !

I think it's an error on the Google OAuth side, have you seen if the Metabase Site URL matches what you have in the Google OAuth2 conf?

yes it was matching, I solved my pb by adding a ssl cert and passing all my uri in https