[Solved] Guidance on Using Msyql rather than H2 database

Hi all,

I would like some guidance on what to do when migrating H2 database to Mysql.

For context, I managed to migrate the data from H2 to Mysql. But how do I ensure that when Metabase start on rebooting my Ubuntu it will still connect to the Mysql database. Checking logs at every reboot, I am noticing data is still be read out of the H2 database.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @asimumba
That’s because you haven’t defined environment variable before start - env vars are not persistent across sessions, so probably why you’ve lost then on reboot.
You should follow this guide to setup Metabase as a service:

Thanks for the heads up @flamber. I am good to go.

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@flamber I would like to know what is the estimated time Metabase takes to load for the first time after doing a database migration. I seem to run into an extended period on the start page where with messages like “Reticulating splines” , “straightening tables” and so on. Does this mean Metabase takes time to read back the data from the new database?

@asimumba The initialization loading screen does a lot of things, but you should check the log for details.
Depending on the size of your data, this process can take everywhere between a second and several minutes.

@flamber thank you. After checking the logs, I noticed I had a database connection error. Related to this issue.