[Solved] Incorrect / Mismatch Label of Date

Hi all,

I have docker installed of metabase in Windows 10 and Centos 7.5. The one on the windows 10 correctly shown the label on bar chart but when I port to Centos 7.5 either by fresh install or from copy (load) the one from Windows 10, the chart shows mismatch between the label and the bar as shown in picture below.

Is there any idea for fixing this issue? Thanks alot.

It’s probably a time zone issue mismatch between OS, client, database or some combination. Start in the documentation, then search the forums.
I can’t be much more helpful than that - in the UK we don’t have the problems!!

Thanks for your reply, Andrew. Yes, I’ve found the timezone mismatch in my docker container of metabase and by setting the timezone the mismatch/incorrect chart is solved.